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Get 0% Interest Credit Line

With QuickSettle, Your Cashflow Is King

In the dynamic world of business, cash flow is king. But too often, your working capital is tied up in monthly B2B payments for vendor invoices, and service fees. These payments often don't sync with businesses' cash flows.

Sometimes payments are also to be made in advance for purchase of necessary goods or services, and can be also be split payments which require cash at a later date.

Cash and cheques quickly deplete working capital, while loans and overdrafts may not always be suitable for B2B payments in India.

Enter QuickSettle, a tailored solution addressing Indian businesses' B2B payment needs. It expedites payments to suppliers and service providers, granting buyers extended credit period.


With QuickSettle, businesses meet payment deadlines, enhance purchasing power, and fuel growth by accommodating larger orders and improving service quality.

Trusted by 450+ Businesses

QuickSettle is a Smarter Way to Pay Any Service Provider, Vendor and Supplier

Access a Revolving 0% Interest Credit Line for B2B payments

Our revolving credit line offers 0% interest payments—spend, repay, and spend again. With QuickSettle, free up your capital for growth and investment opportunities.


Flexible Payment

Manage your cash flow efficiently by paying any invoice through QuickSettle’s credit line. Select a no-cost EMI option that aligns with your business cycle and budget.

Flexible Payment Options
Nationwide Merchant Network

Access Nationwide Merchant Network

Whether it’s a service provider, a local supplier or a cross-country vendor, pay any QuickSettle partner business across India with ease.

Build Stronger Business Relationships

Solidify your network with timely payments. Our platform ensures you maintain positive relations with partners, fostering a reliable and respected business.

Stronger Business Relations

Credit That Grows
With You

₹5 Lakh to ₹1 Crore Credit Line:

Expand your operations with a flexible credit line. Whether it’s ₹5 lakh or ₹1 crore, we have the capacity to support your monthly B2B payments.

Tailored Support for
Your Success

Dedicated Account Manager:

Experience support that’s as unique as your business. Our dedicated account managers are here to assist you, ensuring your needs are met with precision and care.

Tailored Support

QuickSettle vs Other Credit Led Payment Options 


Tailored credit line solutions for industry-specific credit needs

Each industry presents its own set of cash flow complexities. Our tailored and personalized credit line is crafted to address these unique intricacies, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for your business with QuickSettle. 


Simplify your payments across a diverse range of services sectors and industries with QuickSettle. Start paying smarter today. 

Discover Who You Can Pay Through QuickSettle:

B2B Service Providers:

B2B Industries: